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Take a yearlong experience combined with a breath of fresh air and a driven approach and you get a cocktail that tastes for more. This is also the case with Kuras, which – as a private investigation office - likes to support you when you are looking for answers or helps you in your struggle against abuses of any kind. Kuras not only investigates on an industrial level, but also investigates private matters. On both levels, the emphasis lies on efficiency, discretion and an swift approach. The constituent is correctly informed on all investigative actions we undertake. In doing this, we get support from a network of contacts which specialize in different areas. Don't hesitate to contact us. We will undoubtedly take the burden of your shoulders.

Why choose us


You can come to us with information which you are reluctant to share with others. Our professional ethic naturally involves that you can count on our complete confidentiality.


The right advise saves you a lot of time and money. Correctly assenssing situations leads to success. We work efficient and thus giving the result needed.


Listening, discussing, handling, reporting. Good agreements, asking clear explanations, guarantees a positive interaction with our clients.

Swift finish:

Working professionally is also working swiffly. Following-up your assignment and the interaction with our employees is aimed a booking results.