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Company investigation

The impact of a company greatly depends on the strength of it's services/products and the efficiency of it's employees. The one is undeniably linked to the other.

Every company also has its strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Tactical decisions who form a red line in your plans and have major consequences, can be based on the right information on your way of working and that of your competitors.

Protecting your know-how and workflow is of the utmost importance in keeping or achieving your success. However, it is always possible that there is something wrong.

Time efficiency employees:

Do my employees work efficiently, motivated and are they honest ?

  • Due to economic recession for example, certain employees work for the competition or have other goods in their possession
  • Employees call in sick, but instead work at home or for someone else
  • Employees try to arrange everything by the phone or via e-mail, without personal contact.

Thanks to the report on our actions and the daily report on the actions of your employees, you get a full view of the performances.

Trade information:

Do I handle with the right people ? Is their attitude and approach similar to mine?

  • In order for you to be able to analyse your potential business partners, we provide you with the necessary figures.
  • Checking the history of the managers and/or the company.
  • Checking and situating events within the company



Private investigation