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Private investigation

In everyone's private life maybe things go wrong which make it necessary to call in a third party to help you through it as best they can.

In these circumstances, you can count on the commitment of Kuras to obtain the necessary information and to make the necessary observations enabling you to take the right decision. Kuras can also back you up in providing the evidence needed to confirm your opinion.

You can count on us:

Relation problems:

You wish to find out more on the person you are about to live together with or marry with. You are married and/or living together and you have lost faith in your partner.

Investigating friends:

The puberty age of your son or daughter worries you
  • What does he/she do after school ?
  • Who are his/her friends ?

Custody and visiting rights:

More and more children are played out in the relationship between partners. When we suspect something, we can investigate the time table of the partner and the child.



Company investigation