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Ok Meer Info

About us

Without a doubt, experience is very important for a consulting company. Thanks to our many years of experience in various matters, we can safely say that we are specialists.

Because we continue to specialize in carefully handling each new assignment, with an emphasis on efficiency, discretion and a quick approach, as well as achieving positive results, today many different companies regularly call on our services.

In particular, advice in the field of anti-imitation and security of data on portable data carriers and the examination of the devices themselves are becoming increasingly popular. As we continue to learn and adapt to new possibilities, applications and tricks, we remain alert to any threat and can provide the appropriate solution.

A consultant agency can sometimes reveal a lot of confronting information. But then it is also clear that it is better to be aware of what goes wrong and to be able to protect yourself against it than an elusive sword of Damocles hanging over your head.

You can count on us. We are ready for you, assist you with advice and deed and with confidence.